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dizzy clef
The main menu gives you 4 level choices: 

       Level 1 is the beginner treble cleff, choose a 5 note sequence, for example middle-C to G. 
       Level 2 is the beginner base cleff,  choose a 5 note sequence, for example  F to middle-C. 
       Level 3 is the full treble cleff, notes middle-C to high G. 
       Level 4 is the full base cleff, notes lower F to middle-C. 


To be reminded of these choices on the app press beside a button then slide your finger over the button and lift your finger, a reminder will appear. (This is the tablet’s answer to hovering a mouse over something.)

There are 2 other buttons that will appear on the main menu:

The reset button will reset the scoring to zero otherwise you continue to build on the score you have built up.
The continue button will allow you to continue where you left off.
When you start a level a help screen will show you the notes you are using and their position.  Swipe to the right to 
get rid of the help screen swipe left to bring it back BUT no more help screen after you have accumulated more
 than 800 points!

Swipe down if you want to go back to the main menu.

To play, swipe away the help screen, a note will fall from the top and land on a line or space and move across the
screen.  When you know the note press the corresponding key on the keyboard below.  Notice the letter turns blue.
A ball will be catapulted across the screen and if you were wrong the ball will continue past the note and into 
oblivion.  The note will speed up and go to the end of lines and the correct letter will turn red.  You do not score and
the percentage will update.  If you were right, and you know your notes, the ball will collide with the note and you will
score.  How much you score depends on how quickly you press the key.  Please notice that the number on the ball
decreases and turns colour the longer you wait and the further the note goes across the screen. 

Remember you can swipe left at any time when playing to show the help screen and swipe right to get rid of it but 
only when you have accumulated less than 800 points.
Please ENJOY!