Are You Noteworthy

dizzy clef
Problems learning your notes? 

If you didn’t learn your letters you would not be able to read these words, if you don’t learn your notes you won’t be able to read music!!!
All the cows eating grass while the good boys eat fudge only make reading musical notes slightly easier. What you need is a game, a way to practice that’s fun to do and keeps track of how well you are doing. NoteworthyZZZ is that game!!
Download it now. Tap the note on the keyboard to correspond with the note that is displayed, and the letter will turn blue. If you’re right the note comes down and you score! The faster you recognize the note the higher you score. If you’re wrong the game zaps you with 100 million volts... well not really, if you’re wrong you don’t score and the right choice lights up in red on the keyboard so you know what the right note was. If you get stuck there is a help screen